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Watching the meditative painting videos allows you to explore the techniques and underlying philosophy I enjoy through the creative process.
Art classes and courses designed to help connect you with the creative energy already inside of you.



“Everyone has the same unavoidable access to universal creativity that naturally expresses itself through each one. You may feel cut off…  It is an expression of all of the moving parts together that make up the divine whole. You couldn’t be separate from your creative nature if you tried. You can cultivate these connections already present inside yourself. It’s through the art meditation that makes this possible.”

Joel Wright
art meditation


Invoke inner peace with creativity expansive art meditation


Bring attention back to your own source of creativity and expressiveness in your  daily life. The appreciation of life experience is directly related with a creative outlook. Its truly what you make of it.

Art classes, courses, workshops that marinate you in self discovery. Art videos designed to reconnect you with well being. Explore how new neural pathways emerge from expanding your artistic nature. Heal from past karma and enjoy a new freedom right now.

Workshops to get you moving in art yoga retreats with limited class sizes for full attention. By releasing stuck energy you can redirect the flow back into beautiful contribution to the physical world.

Art Meditation is The Creative Process Itself


We can’t control everything in life and creativity is more about releasing the desire to control the world and simply enjoying what arrises in it.

We are co-creators rather than forcers. Instead of making things happen forcefully, we can let things happen naturally. This simple twist of perspective has far reaching life changing joy.

No everyone is in the forcing business however. Some feel absolutely powerless and completely limited. This perception is in error. There is an infinite power in silence and the shapes that takes in your life is always a great mystery.

Its time to start your own creative process and enter the art meditation.

Creating Art is Effortless Meditation


In painting, drawing, sculpting, writing or any creative activity the meditation is automatically built in. Most people aren’t even aware of it.

There is cathartic therapy in the creative process. For years when I was younger I wasn’t aware. I had to take refuge in creating art and I knew something about it was giving me relief. What that something was I didn’t know.

There are no hoops the jump through or contorted positions to get in needed to meditate. If you’ve ever sat down in lotus position and closed your eyes and the thoughts wont stop you may feel like you failed at “doing it right”.

The mind is a lot like water. If it is disturbed about something theres nothing you can do to make it still but to leave it alone. The mind can still function however. It does’t have to be completely shut down. In focused, pleasurable activities the mind has less resources to expend on obsessive thinking.

While observing yourself create in art meditation you step outside of the business mind of modern daily life and allow yourself to heal in your own being. It gives a space of contentment and appreciation for this gift of life without a serious agenda.

A Friend to Help You Find Your Creative Space


You are ready to begin practicing your own art meditation and you might need some guidance, assistance, or a friend to help you along. Just your interest alone means that you are.

Simply appreciating one piece of art alone is enough to still the mind and open the heart. That is what makes art so invaluable. It brings in peacefulness to the mind and unblocks the emotions. This allows for greater understanding to express itself though you. The imagined becomes your inward experience of reality.

The energy it is created with is the energy that echo’s in the present moment. Art is charged with a life of its own. It lives through your awareness of it.

In order to recognize beauty in art, which happens completely inside of you, the space has to already be there!  To appreciate that space and want to return to it is even greater space. If this is the case for you it means you have already invited stillness into your life.

cello oil painting


Oil painting for me is an opportunity to contrast flowing paint with knife painted texture and building up of layers. The depth of oil painting is best combined with surrealistic and metaphysical subjects and compositions. I like to use various substrates other than canvas like gessoed paper.

This oil painting of a surreal style cello over ocean waves with musical color vibrating from it is painting on canvas and is 11 inches by 14 inches. The paint comes out of the painting onto the frame.

I wanted to focus on the depth of the musical vibration with color, texture and intensity of emotion and playfulness. The title is “Strings of Resonance” and limited edition prints available in the collection on this site.


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