Art Meditation Streaming

$39.99 / month

Art Meditation Streaming video access membership teaches with step by step lessons art instructions delivered in pdf and webpage and video. Begin your creative Journey with Joel Wright Art Classes.

Art Meditation Streaming Access monthly membership outlines the course and creative process for this guided art yoga for mind, heart and spirit. Find your creative space, Discover the supplies needed to participate, and preview how the lessons will be presented.

You can spend as much or as little time on your creative practice as long as you spending some amount of time. Most important is the frequency you spend in creative space. 10 minutes a day is better than 1 hour a week for some of activities.

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Art Meditation Streaming Access – Prerelease!

(This product is a prerelease. You can still sign up.)

Joel Wright Art Yoga Classes

Art= The Product of any creative activity.

Mediation= The practice of focusing the attention on inner stillness. Mental and spiritual peace.

Yoga=Unity. Finding yourself at peace at the innermost being in creative space.

Art Meditation: A practice of balancing being and doing by inviting inner stillness. This sets the creative space as an anchor for peaceful presence. Here are 12 reasons people are practicing Art Meditation just to name a few:

  • Excellent at increasing your creativity or overcoming creative blocks.
  • Sharpening your artistic skills
  • Releasing blocked energy in the form of self expression.
  • Provides relief from emotional attachment.
  • Disrupting negative thought patterns.
  • Reduces mental and physical stress stored in the body.
  • Finding a deep satisfaction that radiates from personal enjoyment in pleasurable activity.
  • Gives purpose and meaning in how you perceive life.
  • Puts the fun back into your creative process in trying new things.
  • Silences the inner critic.
  • Frees you from the dominance of structural thinking.
  • Helps you get loose with some of the abstract creative approaches.

What do I get in Art Meditation Streaming Access?

  • You get video access to Art Meditation Introduction
  • You get access to streaming video included with the lessons.
  • You get step by step lessons with instructions delivered in pdf and webpage.
  • You get special offers and discounts on online workshops, courses and retreats.

What will I learn in Art Meditation Intro?

  • You will meet Joel Wright
  • You will learn what Art Mediation and Art Yoga are.
  • You will learn what you need to complete the creative practice.
  • Learn the differences in the subscriptions and what you get.
  • Learn where to find your exercises and media.

Who is Art Meditation for?

  • Art Meditation is for everyone. Myself included.
  • Anyone that wants to expand their creative nature.
  • Everyone that needs a practice of relaxation and enjoyment.
  • Creative types that need to make art fun again.
  • People that have a hard time with loose styles.
  • Anyone that is wanting to explore within.
  • People that feel interconnected with universal energy or want to.
  • Anyone searching for individual freedom of expression.
  • Beginners can benefit greatly from creative daily practice.
  • Advanced artist can find a greater joy return to their practice.